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Why choose a TexasPCDoctor Inc. server failover method?

  • Peace of mind – if your server ever crashes, your normal operations can quickly resume
  • Stand-alone – independent of your existing IT services, with no need to change anything
  • Buys critical time – gives your preferred IT service provider time to address any server issue (hardware or software), and to review all options, while your failover system is already up and running just like nothing happened

Think of this as insurance against any catastrophic server failure.

Extremely Competitive Cost

Server failover methods have existed for decades, but other methods come at a cost that can triple your original server investment. 

Many businesses rely heavily on their server and that is used to justify such an investment; however, TexasPCDoctor Inc. understands that most small businesses cannot afford such an expense, and instead accept the unknown risk of not having a server failover strategy.

TexasPCDoctor Inc. provides a proven failover system you can afford.

Solution covers any root cause

Our method provides a solution whether…

  1. The physical server has sustained a catastrophic mother-board or hardware failure
  2. The physical hard drive array is un-bootable or corrupted to the point of being unusable
  3. Or any other server issue occurs

The cause of the crash does not matter.

Fast failover = Minimal downtime

In most circumstances, the failover can be activated and you can again be up and running in 30 to 60 minutes.

Consider these questions:

  • How long can your business function without access to your files? 
  • How long can you wait for IT support to show up?
  • What if the root cause cannot quickly be determined and fixed (especially if hardware needs to be replaced)?

No loss of data

After the failover process is activated, your system reflects all current data, files, connectivity, and system information.  This means no rework is necessary on your part, and you can go straight back to normal operations.


Completely under your control

With a TexasPCDoctor Inc. failover solution, you do not need to wait for an external IT support partner to arrive.  Simply follow a clearly documented, pre-tested procedure, and you are done. 

That’s all there is to it!